cover crop seeds and blends

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Welcome to Sustain Seed Company, purveyors of fine cover crop seeds and blends.  Our 2013 season is well underway and time to stock up on your choice of cover crop seeds.  We have gone into some detail the steps to take for setting up, choosing and jumping in with both feet.  You can rest assured we use only the finest seeds available for our blends and singles.

Our most popular blend is the Winter Cover.  Not much to do here but toss on the seed and start planning for next spring.  The entire blend will winter kill giving you a nice underground biomass, decaying organic nitrogen fix in the spring and a perfect ground cover to plant into in the spring. The Hardpan Drill is excellent for helping the heavy clay or compacted soils.  It will build biomass in the soil through the heavy and deep root system of the rye as well as knock holes in your hardpan with the relentless Taproot Radish that can send down a taproot over 3 feet.  Our New Garden blend is perfect for the new start up garden.  Since your ground has been thoroughly treated with grasses, we focus this blend on the compaction issues of a new plot as well as the excellent nitrogen production of the Austrian Winter Pea.  Finally, for those who need a heavy green manure in the spring and will surface till or tarp, we have a strong biomass producer with the Spring Green blend.  Succulent flowering legumes, deep root grasses and the always desired Taproot radish will revive and bring your soil to life.

We are always available here for consultation.  Please use our Ask an Expert form (see top menu) to submit any questions.  We will get back to you within 48 hours (most of the time sooner) with our take on your unique plot of ground. 

Thank you for choosing Sustain Seed Company as your friend in cover cropping.